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The Truth About Water

How to Choose a Good Water Filter System

What They Don't Want You to Know About Water

City Water Contaminants It's Worse Than You Think

Are You Suspicious About Your Water?

"Water is Life..." But Only If
The Water Itself Is Alive!

Refreshing Clean Water | Fluoride Buster Filters

Water is life! It is the origin of life, a powerful force that shapes the earth, giving it beauty. Water is the most critical element for all living things on our planet. Since water composes 70% of our bodies, the type of water you drink and bathe in is important!

But there's a real problem with our water today. In almost every village, city or country the water we drink and bathe in is loaded with toxic chemicals - chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, drugs, heavy metals... the list numbers in the hundreds in most areas. The result? Epidemic cancer rates, immune-system disorders, lowered IQ, Alzheimer's and much more.

What can we do about it? In the U.S., most water treatment systems sold include salt-based water softeners plus reverse-osmosis filters. These systems produce mineral-deficient, ‘dead’ water that is actually harmful to health and longevity, according to scientific studies published by the World Health Organization.

Bathing in salt-softened water leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, hardening of the arteries and other issues. The salt is absorbed through the skin; this is why lowering dietary salt doesn’t prevent these problems.

Drinking reverse-osmosis water, which is acidic and strips minerals from the body, can lead to osteoporosis, candida (yeast infections) and many other problems.

Ideal Earth’s water filters promote health, energy and longevity. We convert city water into clean, balanced, living water like a mountain spring.

Don’t you think it’s time to invest in your health and longevity and kick your water softener and reverse-osmosis water system to the curb?

Fluoride, one of the most toxic chemicals known, is added to 76% of U.S. municipal water supplies. Most water in U.S. cities contains FLUORIDE, one of the most toxic chemicals known. Fluoride is known to cause or contribute to many diseases and disabilities:

  • Lower IQ
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Impaired ability to concentrate
  • Memory Problems
  • Kidney Disease
  • Thyroid Issues (causing obesity, low energy, etc.)
  • Bone Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Immune Deficiencies
  • Impaired ability to concentrate
  • Dental Fluorosis (mottling of teeth)
  • Calcification of Pineal Gland (hormone imbalances)
  • Skeletal Fluorosis (brittle bones)

But it's not just the poisons that are the problem! If that were the case, we could simply drink distilled water or "reverse-osmosis" water, which are pretty darned "pure". As it turns out, drinking those waters for any length of time can lead to severe health problems. What's going on here?

To understand all this, you need to know a bit more about water... What makes a particular water healthful or unhealthful to creatures like us?

All Waters Are Not Created Equal.

Water itself was the "secret ingredient" that helped bring about the miracle of life on Earth long ago. Water has unique properties that we are still learning about today. We all know that water is very good at dissolving and holding things - water can hold both "good" things and "bad" things equally well. Some of the good things that water can hold are essential minerals - minerals like calcium, magnesium and more.

Without essential minerals, water could not sustain life as we know it on Earth!

The beautiful, complex life we see all around us depends completely on mineral-bearing water to survive and to grow. Now we are beginning to understand why drinking something like distilled water, which contains no minerals, may not be such a great idea. For more details, read on...

What Happens When We Drink Water That Lacks Minerals?

Distilled water or reverse-osmosis water, which lack minerals, strip our bodies of the minerals they already have. Medical Doctor Zoltan Rona performed detailed mineral evaluations on over 3,000 patients and discovered that almost all of the distilled-water drinkers had developed multiple mineral deficiencies. Loss of the essential electrolytes sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium from drinking distilled water can lead to heart irregularities and even death.

Healthful Water Contains Both Minerals and "Structure"

That's right, to be good for you, your water needs "structure". No, not like the structure you see in a building, but another kind of structure. You see, one of the main reasons water can perform its life-giving miracles is that natural water is actually organized in certain ways. Water that comes straight from a spring or a waterfall or a glacier has this special structure. This helps it hold and then deliver essential minerals to the body, assist the body's energy flows, cleanse the body of waste, etc.

Distillation or reverse-osmosis treatments destroy water's life-giving structure, which is one reason why we refer to these waters as "Dead Waters!"

Now we're getting "The Big Picture" when it comes to water. We want clean water, for sure. But we also want LIVING WATER, water that contains its natural share of minerals and a proper structure that can support life.  But before we get into the solutions, let's look over the "Great Water Problem" just a bit more...

The Destruction of Our Modern Waters

Several things happened over the past century to damage or destroy the value of our water supplies. None of these things was accidental - all of them could have been avoided - and each can still be fixed, with your help.

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Loss of Minerals by water softeners or reverse osmosis. Removing minerals from water, especially calcium and magnesium, makes the water turn acidic. The acid water leaches minerals from the body, stresses the body and sets up a downward spiral of ill health and degeneration.

Chlorine Water Treatment Dangers

Chlorination. Chlorine was added to water to kill bacteria. But there is a big downside: chlorine also kills our beneficial digestive bacteria (probiotics), setting us up for a host of ailments. Chlorine combines with organic matter to form potent carcinogens. Effective alternatives to chlorination, such as ozonation, exist and are used in several countries in Europe.

Water Fluoridation causes Dental Fluorosis

Fluoridation. Fluoride is one of the most toxic substances known. A powerful neuro-toxin, there is no safe level of fluoride exposure in pregnant women. Fluoride damages the thyroid, lowers IQ, may contribute to ADHD, Alzheimer's Disease and can discolor and deform the teeth. And, it doesn't significantly prevent tooth decay - the whole "reason" for fluoridation in the first place!

What's Wrong With Your Tap Water?

  • It's contaminated.
    Fluoride, chlorine, chloramines (a mix of chlorine and ammonia and very hard to filter), pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, drugs, etc., etc. These poisons build up and can lead to cancers, osteoporosis, heart problems and premature aging.

What's Wrong With Reverse Osmosis Water?

  • It's missing essential minerals.
    Water treatment strips vital calcium and magnesium and other minerals from the water, with disastrous effects on your health and longevity. Drinking mineral-stripped water while doing heavy exertion on hot days can trigger life-threatening heart irregularities.
  • It's acidic.
    Mineral-deficient water turns acidic when it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. This acid water strips minerals from your bones, teeth and tissues as your body struggles to maintain balance.

The Solution to Dead Water:

Refreshing Clean Water | Ideal Earth Water

To help understand why I refer to "good" water as "living" water, let me tell you a story. Years ago, I was doing research into what makes plants grow. I'm an avid organic gardener and soil-rejuvenation expert and I wanted to know how to make plants thrive in all kinds of environments.

In my experiments with plant germination (getting seeds to start growing), I discovered that plants had a very hard time germinating when I used reverse-osmosis water to irrigate them. I also found a nasty black & slimy fungus growing in all my germination pots. Something was obviously wrong! Reverse-osmosis water, rather than giving life to plants, seemed to bring only death. The results with distilled water were a bit better, but only slightly. Months of experimentation proved that "empty water" killed or retarded plant growth; only natural, mineral-bearing waters could make plants thrive. The obvious question came to mind: if empty water is deadly or crippling to plants, what does such water do to people?

Dead Water Makes Sick People

My plant experiments led me to scour the available research on water and human health. I studied both mainstream and alternative research sources. I interviewed hundreds of individuals including scientists, medical professionals, herbalists and ordinary folks. I pumped them for information and their observations and discovered the common denominators that made water healthful or harmful.

The answer you already know: Water gives life ONLY when it's free of poisons yet remains loaded with essential minerals.

Armed with this rock-bottom, basic principle about water, I set out to discover how to create Living Water in abundance. Removing toxins wasn't the only issue - the BIG problem was how to remove toxins while somehow leaving the life-giving minerals intact. And here I ran smack into a brick wall. You see, conventional water treatment technologies were all focused on "reducing" toxins (not even eliminating them) and actually went out of their way to get RID of the essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium! 

It felt as though the mainstream water treatment companies were eager to mess up our water and thus our health! I was shaking my head over the deception, fraud and irresponsibility that I found so common in the water treatment industry. I couldn't find answers in the conventional world, so I had to create my own water filter. I wanted LIVING WATER that was free of toxins (including fluoride) that would be similar to drinking water from an virgin mountain spring. My filter is the only filter that removes fluoride, arsenic and many other toxins down to non-detectable levels by independent, third-party water test. My water solution for myself and my family evolved into a crusade.

Other water filtration companies will make glowing claims about their systems. But when you call them or read the fine print, you discover that things are not as they seemed!

Goal achieved... LIVING WATER REBORN! Introducing:


From Ideal Earth Water™ Filter Systems

Years in the development, my Ideal Earth Water filter systems combine best-of-breed technologies to thoroughly handle toxins while carefully preserving the vital minerals in your water.

And, of course, I use no harmful methods whatsoever in getting the job done. Ideal Earth Water filtration systems start with a pre-filtering process to get rid of larger particles in the water. This helps protect the remaining filters and extend their lives.

Our EarthCore™ non-chemical water conditioner uses Earth's energy to restore water to its natural state, which reduces mineral buildup on fixtures and is also good for the environment.

Next, the water passes though two different forms of carbon, packed in precise ratios to handle different types of contaminants. You see, while chlorine is fairly easy to remove, the newer and even more toxic chloramines (chlorine combined with ammonia), recently added to many city water supplies, are far, far tougher to filter out. My water filter systems are carefully designed to assure sufficient contact time between the water and the special carbon filter media to actually handle those nasty chloramines, something that mainstream filter systems just don't do.

And then there is fluoride. This poison is even harder to deal with than chloramines. Some conventional filtration systems may reduce fluoride by about one-third, but only while their filter media are quite new. After a little while, they barely touch fluoride, leaving you and your family at risk of its harmful effects. I designed Ideal Earth Water filtration systems to remove fluoride down to non-detectable levels. That's right... laboratory tests on Ideal Earth Water filters are actually unable to detect any fluoride in the output samples! How's that for peace of mind for you and your loved ones?

And when it comes to other common threats in your water, such as pesticides, drugs and other toxins, well, Ideal Earth Water really shines. Our systems remove up to 99% of these so-called 'organic compounds', chemicals which are big cancer-causers and hormone disruptors. If you want you and your children living long, healthy lives, you need to drink Ideal Earth Water!

  1. Ideal Earth Water filtration systems are multi-tank filters that create truly healthful water and give you real peace of mind.
  2. We use energy from the Earth to rehabilitate water to its natural state so that it is softer and wetter without chemicals. This helps reduce mineral buildup on fixtures and in appliances, making them last longer.
  3. Specially designed long-lasting materials get the job done. Fluoride removal tanks last up to five years, the system up to ten years. Protect your family from toxins and enhance health with water like Mother Nature's spring!
  4. Careful research led to a water breakthrough: No stone was left un-turned to create a filtration system that can reduce contaminants down to non-detectable levels - verified by third-party tests - the best performance in the industry. These include fluoride, arsenic, agricultural chemicals, heavy metals and more. All for YOUR health and well-being.
Fluoride removing whole-house filter system

Ideal Earth Water Whole-House Water Filtration System

Compare Ideal Earth Water to other Filtration Systems

Compare Ideal Earth Water to other Filtration Systems

Get the best of Mother Nature's clean, refreshing water! Ideal Earth Water filter systems come in both under-sink and whole-house versions. The whole-house water filtration system and the under-sink water filter remove fluoride and handle many other contaminants including chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, drugs and others. Our filter systems last up to five years without a tank replacement and are designed for trouble-free operation. We offer easy payment plans with Affirm® pay-over-time options.

Under-Sink Fluoride Removal Water Filter System

Our massive under-sink fluoride removal system

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More Praise From Our Customers

Dr. Freddie Ulan Founder, Ulan Nutritional Systems

“...the restoration of the water to its natural beneficial state is beyond price.”

"I have Winston’s incredible whole house Fluoride Buster water filtration system and I absolutely love it. It gives us complete confidence in the water from every sink and shower and bath.

"The absence of health-destroying elements and the restoration of the water to its natural beneficial state is beyond price. Knowing we can safely soak in tubs or showers and drink good healthful water anytime gives us peace of mind.

"I highly recommend this system to all my friends and clients."

Dr. Freddie Ulan, D.C.
- Founder: Nutrition Response Testing & Ulan Nutritional Systems

What People Are Saying About Our Filters

Glenda Rose Chiropractor

“I don't want to drink anything else.

I have told my neighbor and my dentist about your system. Do you have a referral program?"

Dr. Glenda Rose
- Doctor of Chiropractic

“My yoga students can taste and see the difference...”

“Have been using the filtered water for over 3 months and noticed an improvement of my skin and also the fact that I have not had my seasonal cold sore/virus breakout.

"I also have a water line from my apartment to my yoga studio for my students and staff. They love it. Many have commented that they can taste and see the difference in the water.

"Water is 70% of you and think its the most important thing you can change to improve your overall health and health of those around you."

Cally Burkle
- Yoga Instructor & Owner, B-1 Yoga
Cally Burkle Yoga Instructor
LaVonna Bledsoe Consultant, Educator & Writer

"The difference was night and day."

“This story is long overdue to you. I was living in Palo Alto and one of your systems was installed at the house there.

"Even though the local public pool where I swam almost daily touted on a huge notice board that the water in Palo Alto was exceptionally good, you did the investigation and that piece of city PR literally went “down the drain”!

"The difference was night and day. No longer any chemical smell to the water! No longer any weird bumps appearing on my arms! When I moved away from the system, I immediately felt the difference as I traveled to other locations in the US. I found good water in Maine, but that’s the only place so far.

"Thank heaven you had the genius to make this!"

LaVonna B.
- Consultant, Educator & Writer

“...the only filter that I was able to find that will reduce fluoride down to non-detectable levels.”

"Having spent my entire career in the health care industry, I know the importance of consuming high-quality water.

"I wanted water which approximates its natural form-- as I would find it in nature. This means no added chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, chloramines, or pharmaceuticals. But this also means water which, after filtration to remove the bad stuff, retains the good stuff, such as naturally occurring healthy minerals.

"The whole-house water system that I purchased from Ideal Earth Water has satisfied these requirements. I am so happy to know that my home has 100% healthful water for my family. This filter system is the only one that I was able to find that will reduce fluoride down to non-detectable levels."

Dr Eric Huntington
- Chiropractor & Business Consultant
Dr. Eric Huntington, D.C. Chiropractor & Business Consultant

Winston Kao | Envrionmental & Health Researcher & Innovator
Winston Kao
Creator of Ideal Earth Water Filters

About Winston Kao


Winston Kao has been a researcher and innovator for nearly 30 years in the fields of health, nutrition, water quality, agriculture, trace minerals and soil-based micro-organisms. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of agriculture as it relates to water, nutrition, and microbial enhancement. Winston’s discoveries address the root causes of common health issues including low energy, improper digestion, and poor metabolism. His innovations make brilliant use of Mother Nature’s Laws and have provided real solutions to thousands worldwide.

Winston’s Motto: “I work with Mother Nature, not against her!”

"But I Drink Bottled Water
So I'm Okay, Right?"

Unfortunately, the answer is "No." Besides being expensive, many bottled waters have the very same problems we've mentioned above:

  • Most bottled waters are acidic reverse-osmosis water that promotes candida infections & osteoporosis.
  • Some bottled waters contain added fluoride!
  • Toxins in plastic bottles pollute the water and may cause hormone imbalances, cancer and more.
  • Tests by the independent Environmental Working Group found arsenic, antimony (a known carcinogen) and 36 other harmful pollutants in bottled water.
  • Up to 40% of bottled waters are nothing but city water - why pay $1 to $4 per gallon or more for that?
  • Bottled water can cost up to $1400 per person, per year... often for an inferior or even dangerous product.
  • Bottled water is an unparalleled environmental disaster. Billions of plastic bottles now clog a Texas-sized area of the Pacific ocean to a depth of six feet.

"I Have a Brita or PUR Filter
So I'm All Set"

Not really. These tiny filters reduce some contaminants but they're mainly good for making water taste better. They have little effect on fluoride or chloramines, two of the worst water additives. Such filters can lead the consumer to believe that his water concerns are handled, giving him false peace of mind.

"The 'Big Berkey' Filter I Saw
Says It Handles Fluoride"

This filter promotes that it handles fluoride (with their special add-on cartridge). But read the fine print, call them and ask them direct questions. We did, and here's the truth: Their fluoride filter cartridge has to be replaced every six months. While the cartridge may reduce fluoride significantly at the very beginning of its life, its efficiency drops rapidly after that. Your water may then contain much of the fluoride it had before using their filter. And, the manufacturer told us they can provide no test results for their fluoride cartridges. Filtration claims are meaningless without numbers to back them up. Our filters do what we claim, and we are so confident that we encourage you to get a third-party, independent water test to prove it. Our fluoride filters can remove fluoride from your drinking water and/or your entire household's water down to non-detectable levels!

"I Have a Water Softener/Reverse Osmosis Filter. That's All I need, right?"

Unfortunately, no. Most water softeners use table salt – sodium chloride – to replace the 'hard-water' minerals like magnesium and calcium in the water with sodium. This process helps prevent lime-scale build-up in your water pipes and on your water fixtures. But it also strips the water of the huge benefits of calcium and magnesium! And all that sodium left in the water is not healthful either. To reduce the sodium, filter companies add a reverse-osmosis filter in the kitchen. Now the water has almost NO mineral content. Without minerals like calcium and magnesium, the water turns acidic, which is very unhealthful. The right way to handle water is to filter out the 'bad' stuff, like fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, etc., while preserving the 'good' stuff, like calcium and magnesium. That's what our Ideal Earth Water filter systems do. And, our EarthCore™ salt-free water conditioners can help prevent the lime-scale build-up without stripping the vital minerals from your water.

Ideal Earth™ Water vs Bottled Water

Compare Ideal Earth's Filtered Water to Bottled Water

Ideal Earth

  • Fluoride removed to non-detectable levels
  • Beneficial minerals preserved
  • Free of plastic residues, solvents, manufacturing by-products, arsenic, etc.
  • Non-acidic and healthful
  • Protects the environment
  • Affordable, just 97 cents a day for drinking water or $3.24 per day for all of your household needs

Bottled Water

  • May contain significant fluoride, not on the label
  • May lack beneficial minerals
  • May contain plastic residues, solvents,  manufacturing by-products, arsenic, etc.
  • May be acidic, causing many health issues
  • Bottles create massive waste and pollution
  • Expensive, up to $5600 per year for a family of four - don't waste your money on bottled water!

Our  Ideal Earth Filters
Have the Muscle to Get the Job Done

  • Big, double- or triple-tank systems that remove chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals and more for up to 5 years.
  • Our under-sink filter contains 52 POUNDS of filter media. Compare that to Brita, PUR or Berkey filters that weigh less than two pounds. Size does matter! *
  • All of our filters contain a combination of filter media to prevent bacteria growth, multiple forms of carbon plus special media to remove fluoride. Our proprietary fluoride removal method is unmatched in the industry.
  • Don't settle for wimpy filters that give a false sense of security. Get the 'real deal' - Fluoride Buster Filters!

*Design, sizes and prices vary on custom systems.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Secure Payment

We accept all major credit cards
Affirm buy now pay over time
Fluoride Free Water from Ideal Earth Water

We've Got Your Back!

Improving your quality of life is our passion. Our Fluoride Removal systems are designed and built with uncompromising integrity and commitment. We look forward to working with you and your family for generations to come.

Winston Kao | Fluoride Removal Water Filter

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is bottled water or filtered water better?

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How do I know if there are contaminants in my water?

If my municipal water company’s Annual Water Quality Report shows that it meets all EPA guidelines, does that mean it’s safe?

They told me reverse osmosis filters handle everything...  is this true?

P.S. You've learned about water, how toxic or "dead" water harms your health and what can be done about it. The solution is simple: Drink refreshing, living water from Ideal Earth Water Filtration Systems. Order Today!

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