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What is Unhealthy Water?

•Plastic-bottled water
•Chlorinated, fluoridated tap water

•Empty, de-mineralized, reverse-osmosis water

Bottled Water | Toxic Plastics

Plastics. Microscopic particles of plastic come off the bottle into the water you drink. Other chemicals also leach into the water. Some bottled waters tested contained arsenic, antimony (a toxic element widely used in plastics manufacturing). Plastics can have hormone-like effects, which may cause feminization of boys, menstrual problems in girls and women, and cancer. Avoid plastics if at all possible!

Chlorine Water Treatment Dangers

Chlorination. Chlorine was added to water to kill bacteria. But there is a big downside: chlorine also kills our beneficial digestive bacteria (probiotics), setting us up for a host of ailments. Chlorine combines with organic matter to form potent carcinogens. Effective alternatives to chlorination, such as ozonation, exist and are used in several countries in Europe.

Water Fluoridation causes Dental Fluorosis

Fluoridation. Fluoride is a powerful neuro-toxin. According to scientific studies: There is no safe level of fluoride exposure in pregnant women or infants. Fluoride damages the thyroid, lowers IQ, may contribute to ADHD, Alzheimer's Disease and can discolor and deform the teeth. Fluoride does not significantly prevent tooth decay - the whole "reason" for fluoridation in the first place!

Reverse Osmosis is Dead Water

Loss of Minerals by water softeners or reverse osmosis filters. Removing minerals from water, especially calcium and magnesium, makes the water turn acidic. The acid water leaches minerals from the body, stresses the body and sets up a downward spiral of ill health and degeneration. Most bottled water is reverse osmosis water, and is therefore acidic and "dead".

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