Deadly Plastic Nanoparticles Found in Bottled Water

Scientists Find Deadly
Plastic Nanoparticles
In Bottled Water &
Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water 

Researchers say they'll stop drinking water from plastic bottles!

Plastics are everywhere! Arctic ice, remote mountain springs, grazing animals, newborn babies' first bowel movements... ALL contain plastic "nanoparticles".

What are nanoparticles? They're ultra-microscopic particles which are small enough to be absorbed directly into the cells of the body, and are also able to pass through the protective blood-brain barrier and contaminate the brain. These are having disastrous effects on both wildlife and humans.

For humans, major sources of first exposure to plastic nanoparticles include bottled water and other drinks contained in plastic bottles.

Researchers using advanced equipment which can detect plastic nanoparticles discovered hundreds of thousands of plastic particles per liter of water! The findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The scientists themselves said they'd cut back on drinking bottled water as a result of their discoveries.

Many types of plastics are used to contain food and beverages. Using laser-driven microscopes, scientists tested for a variety of plastics including commonly used food and beverage plastics. The results were shocking. Around a quarter-million plastic nanoparticles were discovered per liter of bottled waters tested.

What's the problem with plastic nanoparticles? Well, they are major endocrine (hormone) disruptors. Plastics can cause premature puberty in girls and feminize boys, can crash the sperm counts in men or even cause sterility, cause cancer and other diseases. In wildlife, massive drops in fertility combined with genetic mutations may threaten entire species. There is simply NO benefit to humans or wildlife from the use of plastics, period. Plastic is 100% liability to this planet and its living things.

Some people who wish to avoid drinking bottled water purchase cheap reverse-osmosis filters, thinking they've handled the situation. Unfortunately, reverse-osmosis filter-membrane material sheds plastic nanoparticles into the water! That's right – your filter itself is contaminating your water!

This is why we at Natural Plus Plus LLC tirelessly educate about contaminants in water, including plastics, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides and more. This is why our filters are large. And this is why we do not manufacture or sell reverse osmosis filters!

Other water filter manufacturers won’t go to the lengths that we have gone to protect you and your children. So why would you waste money on a cheap, even destructive filter that doesn’t do the same job as ours does?

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