How to Choose a Water Filter

You probably want ‘good water.’

And you’re probably considering getting a filter to create that ‘good water’.

Before you spend a dime on a filter (here or anywhere else), you need to know what ‘good water’ really is.

GOOD water is Mother Nature’s water, like mountain-spring water:

  • Nature’s water is free of chlorine, toxic chemicals like lead, fluoride, arsenic, mercury.
  • Nature’s water contains healthful minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • Nature’s water is generally ‘hard’ water, because it contains those good minerals that our bodies were designed for.
  • Nature’s water is neutral to slightly alkaline, thanks to those same minerals.
  • Nature’s water is energized by contact with the Earth.
  • Nature’s water quenches our thirst, leaving us satisfied.
  • Nature’s water keeps us healthy, youthful and energetic.

We want a water filter that re-creates Mother Nature’s water, water like that of a fresh, clean mountain spring.

Most water-filtration companies push the ‘clean’ part of water but ignore all the rest. They sell ‘reverse osmosis’ or ‘distillation’ systems which strip the vital minerals from the water and also ‘disconnect’ the water from those subtle energies of Mother Earth.

Water without minerals becomes acidic. Drinking such water is very un-natural and tends to pull minerals out of the body, rather than contributing to the body’s store of minerals. Reverse osmosis and most distilled waters are ‘dead’ waters.

Water softeners in common use replace the beneficial magnesium and calcium with SODIUM. “Soft” water is simply sodium-drenched water which is very unhealthful to drink. High blood pressure, heart disease, strokes can all accompany the use of soft water. To remove the sodium, water treatment companies offer reverse-osmosis filters for the drinking water. Now the water is simply ’empty’ and turns acidic, as described above.

We need a filter system that leaves the essential minerals while removing the bad stuff.

That’s exactly what our systems do!

What’s in your water?

To design the right filter system for you, we start by knowing what sort of water you have now. Is it city water? Well water? Do they fluoridate it? In some cases a water test is called for so we know what we’re dealing with. That’s why it’s important to get in touch with us for an evaluation of your water.

Contact us today for more information and a no-cost water consultation.

Enjoy mountain-spring

quality water in your home.