The Dangers of Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse Osmosis Water Harmful to HealthFalse data surrounding reverse osmosis water has flooded the world. This ‘information’ has mainly been promoted by self-serving special interests who profit from either the sale of these water systems or from the bad health effects caused by reverse osmosis water.

My own research into water began decades ago, when I found that watering my plants with reverse osmosis water caused them to sicken and eventually die. A black fungus literally took over and rotted the plants! I then discovered that this ‘dead’ water messed up every form of life that consumed it.

Unbiased scientific research published by the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that reverse osmosis water (as well as some forms of distilled water) is actually harmful to your health and longevity.

The main reason is that reverse osmosis water has been stripped of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and others. This is ’empty water’ that is ‘hungry’, that is, it seeks out things to absorb, like the minerals in your blood, tissues and bones.

Research shows that reverse osmosis water actually pulls minerals out of the body. [This is why it is factually accurate to say “Reverse osmosis water sucks.”]

When the body lacks minerals, many things can go wrong including: weakened immunity, candida (yeast) infections, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, brain swelling, goiter, osteoporosis, and other serious health problems.

The research also showed that simply adding minerals back into the water, as a few of the reverse osmosis filters do, does NOT correct the problems caused by reverse osmosis filters. Reverse osmosis water is quite simply ‘damaged’, unnatural water and that is why I don’t recommend it.

The WHO report is very detailed and validates what I have observed about the harmful effects of reverse osmosis water. It contains scientific terminology, but for the technically minded, download it here.

I’ll be summarizing the highlights of the report here shortly.

I designed our filters to remove the toxins without removing the beneficial minerals. I also took special care to rehabilitate the city water to Mother Nature’s Ideal water, using natural energies. I want to protect your health and that of your kids. This is why I designed our filter with zero compromises.

My wife and I have been drinking and bathing in our filtered water for many years and are much healthier and look younger than our counterparts of the same age.  We credit the organic/grassfed food we eat and the water we drink.

We’ve found no other water system that actually rehabilitates city water and restores it to Mother Nature’s ideal artesian-well or mountain-spring water, while removing the toxins and specifically the fluoride to non-detectable levels by independent third-party water test.

Our customers report that once they start drinking our water, they end up avoiding sodas, bottled water and juices in favor of drinking our vital, thirst-quenching water almost exclusively.

Winston Kao
Natural Health Researcher & Innovator
Founder, Ideal Earth Water

Enjoy mountain-spring

quality water in your home.