Cell Phone, EMF and Water Harmonizing

Water Harmonizer Rod Model I

​How healthful is your water?

Water can promote health and long life or disease and early death, depending on its quality.  Most people think that if water is 'clean' or 'pure' (not polluted), then it must be healthful. That is not necessarily true.

​​For example, ​reverse osmosis ​is acidic, lacks minerals and ​hungrily pulls minerals from the body over time.​ Even when minerals are added back into the water, the water still does not sprout seeds as well as natural spring water does, indicating other issues. If it won't sprout seeds and the seedlings are weak, how is this affecting your body?

Plants given reverse osmosis water also tend to grow black fungus. This problem is so big that plant nurseries have had to stop using reverse osmosis water or seriously increase the volume of fungicides. Do you ever have candida problems or toenail fungus?

How do living things respond to water quality?

Nature designed all living things to respond to ​mineralized, clean, harmoniously energized​ water.  Some places are famous for the healing or life-extending properties of their waters. Most of these are natural springs or glacial sources​ such as: Warm Springs, Georgia; Lourdes, France; Bath, England; Saratoga Springs, New York; Ojo Caliente, Mexico. All have in common ​the natural processes that create healthful water. 

One of the key concepts that one must understand is water is like a recording tape. It can pick up and retain information ​to direct plants or animals to grow in a robust or weak manner.

Microwaving and its negative effect on water

Some people microwave their coffee or tea to warm it up. Russian scientific research and my own experiments with microwaved water suggest that this is not a good idea. Microwaves alter proteins, sugars and starches in foods, making them foreign to the body and tending to cause allergic reactions and inflammation.  

Cell phone frequencies and our drinking water

Cell phones and cell phone towers operate at frequencies like those in microwave ovens! These waves can disturb water and change how it affects our emotional tone, our health, our general well-being.

Let’s face the truth:  Cell phones and more advanced electronic technologies are here to stay and to continue to proliferate. Shouldn’t we start to reduce the impact of these influences, since our bodies consist of 60 to 70% water?

Why does water cause such different effects? Part of the answer is the ENERGY and STRUCTURE of the water. Different waters can produce different effects in the blood that we can easily see under a microscope.  For example, red blood cells can clump together like a roll of coins when someone drinks a particular water or the red blood cells can separate when a different water is consumed. Clumped blood cells ​can starve the cells of oxygen and may contribute to​ strokes and heart attacks.

Clumped Red Blood Cells due to EMF exposure of water

Clumped Red Blood Cells due to EMF exposure

The Water Harmonizer™ is designed to smooth-out and harmonize the energy, frequency and structure of water. How can you tell if the water has changed for the better? By looking at the responses to water, we can determine whether that water is more healthful or less healthful. The healthfulness of your water can have a huge impact on your well-being.

Red Blood Cells 15 Min After Drinking Harmonized Water

Water Harmonizer Rod Model I

Water Harmonizer Model I

​Water Harmonizer™ Rod model I This is to be used as a mobile unit only. Place it in a container of up to 70 ounces (2 liters) or bring it into direct contact with a container (cup, glass, water bottle, etc.) from the outside. After only 1 minute the liquid has been enhanced and energized.The Water Harmonizer™ rod is 5.5” x 0.47” (138 x 12 mm), 0.15 lbs (70 grams) Price: $198. 

Water Harmonizer Model I! | Repairs Water Structure, Harmonizes Frequency

Water Harmonizer Model II

Water Harmonizer™ Rod model II For permanent installation and unlimited quantities of water harmonizing. Adding this to your Ideal Earth Water under-sink or whole-house filter may  further enhance your water. ​
7.5” x 2” (190 x 50 mm), 1.9 lbs (850 grams)
Fits over ½ inch to 2 inch pipes. Multiple applications from households to apartment buildings, offices, industrial parks, etc. Price: $695.00

Cell Phone Electroharmonizer

​Our ElectroHarmonizer™ mobile units are designed to help reduce the stress caused by the waves emitted by electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablet & laptop computers. The credit card sized units weigh less than an ounce.

Car Electroharmonizer

Our ElectroHarmonizer™ units for cars are designed to help reduce the stress caused by the waves emitted by electric vehicles and the devices carried in them, such as GPS systems, Bluetooth speakers, mobile phones, etc. The credit card sized units weigh less than an ounce.

ElectroHarmonizer for WiFi and Geopathic Zones

Our ElectroHarmonizer™ units for ​WiFi are designed to help reduce the stress caused by the waves emitted by ​WiFi routers​, ​Plug the ElectroHarmonizer into the same circuit into which the WiFi is plugged. ​

SmartDefender SD 10

Our ​SmartDefender™ units for ​Cell Phones, WiFi and Geopathic Zones are designed to help reduce the stress caused by the waves emitted by ​​all devices. The smaller 3" model SD 10 weighs about 6 ounces and can be carried anywhere. The larger 7.5" model SD 50 is perfect for homes and commercial buildings.  ​

Enjoy mountain-spring

quality water in your home.