Toxic Nanoparticles found in bottled water and reverse osmosis water

Bottled Water Shocker

Don't Let This Serious Betrayal Destroy Your Health

What are your greatest concerns regarding your drinking water? Do you believe that just because you drink "purified" bottled water you have actually handled the cleanliness of your drinking water?

What if I told you that recent studies have shown that high-pressure reverse osmosis filter membranes commonly used to "purify" bottled water shed plastic nanoparticles into the water? The report states that over 240,000 plastic nanoparticles were found per liter of water tested.

If you're consuming the equivalent of 6 to 8 glasses of bottled water per day, you may be ingesting over half a MILLION plastic nanoparticles each day. This can add up to a credit card worth of plastic every month!

The solution? Ideal Earth Water filters remove toxins from water without using the toxic reverse osmosis process. The result? CLEAN, wholesome water, NOT "plastic soup." And the water produced is FAR cheaper than bottled water.

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